The Animals' Santa

The Animals' Santa

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Now a board book just right for the littlest hands, this modern Christmas classic highlighting how animals are just as curious as kids about their own Santa makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

When Big Snowshoe tells Little Snow that the animals’ Santa is coming with presents for everyone, Little Snow wants to know who he is. The animals say they have never seen him.  Maybe he’s a badger, a moose, a polar bear, or a wolf, they tell him. But this spunky little rabbit thinks they are just fooling him.

On Christmas Eve, Big Snowshoe is determined to make Little Snow into a believer, and all of the animals are delighted when he succeeds, including the animals' Santa.

Love of animals, winter, and all things Christmas is on grand display in this original holiday story, a perfect edition to families' Jan Brett holiday collection.

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