Ghost Road: and other forgotten stories of Windsor


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The ghost road is an old strip of asphalt that nestles into a farmer's field on the outskirts of Windsor, Ontario. It's overgrown. It connects to nothing. The people who stumble upon it guess at its purpose, sometimes, but mostly it just lies there: unnoticed, abandoned, deteriorating. To look at it you'd never know this quiet road in a quiet field was once a roaring weekend hub, where thousands of people from across the county would gather to cheer on Windsor's famous weekly drag races.

The stories in this book are like the ghost road itself: they may have faded from view, but they carry with them traces of a weird and wonderful history. These forgotten tales of Windsor will show you devastating tornadoes, explosions at the riverfront symphony, and 19th-century race riots. They'll show a police force at war with corruption, both inside and out. And they'll show the murderers and war heroes, the presidents and prime ministers, the sports legends, faith healers, ambassadors and artists, who have all left their mark on the place we call home. Eccentric, unexpected, and told by the city's most popular historian, Ghost Road and Other Forgotten Stories of Windsor is the city like you've never seen it before.