Brewed in Windsor, A Tasty History


How did a small Canadian city become home to six major breweries? 


“Brewed in Windsor” is the story of the rise and fall of Windsor, Ontario’s Original Six breweries. It is an tale of brewmasters, risk-takers, gangsters, roadhouses, and the transformative impact of Prohibition on Windsor’s brewing industry. 


While Windsorites did their fair share of beer drinking, thirsty Americans across the Detroit River became local brewers’ best customers during Prohibition, when Detroit’s breweries were forced to shutter their doors even as Windsor’s beer makers continued to produce and “export” its tasty products.


Strategically situated just a mile away from the United States, not only did Windsor once ship boat loads of beer to Americans, this border city became a magnet for American revelers seeking the illicit pleasures of Windsor’s spectacular roadhouses, each a glittering jewel, like a diamond-studded bracelet. In addition, this book sheds light on the numerous drinking establishments that seemed to once be located on practically every commercial street in the city. 


Whether or not you’re a beer aficionado, you’ll enjoy drinking up this little known – but thoroughly fascinating – chapter in Windsor’s colourful history.


Lushly illustrated with over 500 photos and beer paraphernalia.