The Heron's Song: A Tale in the Time of Pontiac's War

Liam Hicks has arrived in Detroit, looking to catch on with the British army as an independent scout. It is the spring of 1763 and Pontiac is in the early stages of putting together his Indian confederacy. Liam’s scouting work with the British army in the recent war against the French, has resulted in a recommendation from Sir William Johnson to the English Commander at Fort Detroit, Major Gladwin.Liam’s unusual upbringing has exposed him to the best and worst of the three cultures—English, French and Native—who continue to fight for their piece of North America. The relationships he has developed with people from these cultures has caused him to take what he believes are the best parts of each and incorporate them into his daily life. As he begins his scouting duties at Detroit, some of his beliefs are challenged, and as Pontiac’s War begins to spread, he is made to reflect on life and death, right and wrong, like he has never done before.