Being a Successful Third Place

Being a Successful Third Place

August 30, 2021

From our inception we said that we wanted  to become a popular 'third place’ for our community. 

First Place is where one lives … second place is where one works … and a third place is where people go to gather, to exchange ideas, to meet others and where it’s safe and friendly. At River Bookshop we  believe we have done that with our inviting bookshop design and our friendly knowledgeable staff. 

We have also tried to deliver on our Third Place ambition with our event space up stairs called the Hole In the Wall. When we opened we hosted numerous events on racial justice, sports, climate change, nature …. we were on a roll!  And then came Covid and we had to shut it down last November. Well we are ready to start up again. On September 16 we host the Marsh Collection's Meg Reiner who will deliver a presentation on Amherstburg in the 20’s. A very appropriate topic since the Hole in the Wall design is reminiscent of the roaring 20’s. 

Our upcoming events are:

Meg Reiner Sept. 16 at 6:30pm. “A Century Ago - Amherstburg in the 20’s” 

Kory Renaud Oct. 2 at 1:30pm.   “The Wonders of Fall Bird Migration in Essex County”

Author Marty Gervais Oct. 14  6:30pm. “Rumrunners”  (do you sense a theme here?)  

Author Lisa Bowes  Oct. 17 1:30pm.  “Lucy Tries Sports” kids’ series

“MAX” Oct. 23  2pm.  A  very successful 10 year old artist. Perfect for littles - Max and his artist Mom, Lisa, will  talk about kids developing their creative side by learning how to paint. Do you have a budding Andy Warhol? 

We will also be continuing our popular Storytime every Sunday at 1pm.  We will host them under the shade trees on Richmond until the weather turns.  Then they will move inside for the winter.

Cocoa and a warm fire yum! 

For all of these events our ambition is to host a live audience of up to 30 (less for the kids’ events); but that depends on Covid and the safety of our guests. Space could be at a premium - we encourage you to reserve a spot quickly so you don’t miss out. However, the good news is that we also have a sophisticated AV system and we will be zooming out all our events for free. 


There is a Hole in the Wall sign mounted on the wall just beside the door leading to our second floor. When it is lit it means we have an event going on. So come down to Essex County’s best “third place”. We will leave a light on for you 

The River Bookshop Team 




Don't forget our River Bookshop Book Club taking place the last Tuesday of each month!