Books, books and more books...

Books, books and more books...

November 10, 2020

Here's a fun bit of trivia - the River Bookshop has about 7000 books on our shelves. And if you've stopped in more than once you know that our books are constantly changing - new titles arriving every day!

Here are some of the fantastic books that have arrived so far in November...


Two of our biggest arrivals - Margaret Atwood's new poetry collection, Dearly and J.K. Rowling's warm, fast paced and funny fairy tale , Ickabog.

Don't forget purchase of Dearly gives you access to the national virtual event on November 19th.


Did you know we have French language books? And Christmas books? Already in stock? And French language Christmas books?


With news of the United States electing a woman Vice President this is the perfect time for a little girl power.

A civil rights icon as a child, Ruby Bridges has written This is Your Time - part memoir, part call to action.

Olympic Gold medalist and two time Women's Cup champion, Megan Rapinoe has used her status to become a voice for change. One Life tells her story.

And last, but definitely not least, Canadian treasure Jann Arden offers If I Knew Then - a funny, heartfelt and fierce memoir on becoming a woman of a certain age.


And when the world gets too loud and wild sometimes you just need to sit and reflect....whether you're an old school Trekkie who finds solace in the Mr. Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness or a re-boot fan who is more into The Wisdom of Picard. Sometimes you have to make your own quiet. For those who like their meditations a little less pop culture-y we offer Mary Oliver's Devotions and Katherine May's Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times.

Come see us and pick up one of these titles or any of the other great books we have to offer. We've got it all at River Bookshop and if we don't have it we can get it for you!


Upcoming Events in November....

November 10th 7:00 pm HISTORY SERIES. In time for Remembrance Day author Patrick Dennis joins us to talk about his book, Reluctant Warriors, Canadian Conscripts and the Great War. Live presentation with live and virtual audiences. Free of charge.

November 12th 7:00 pm¬†SPORTS SERIES.¬†Doug Smith,¬†author of¬†We the North¬†and the most knowledgeable basketball writer in Canada, discusses twenty-five years of the Toronto Raptors. Virtual presentation with live and virtual audiences.¬†Purchase of ‚ÄúWe the North‚ÄĚ is required.¬†

November 18th 7:00 pm RACIAL JUSTICE SERIES. Peter Sloly, Chief of Police for the City of Ottawa, will join us virtually to speak on a very topical issue today: Systemic Racism in Policing. Virtual presentation with live and virtual audiences. Free of charge. 

November 19th 7:00 pm SPECIAL VIRTUAL EVENT. Margaret Atwood, author of Dearly and Lorna Crozier, author of Through the Garden take part in a national virtual event. Purchase of either "Dearly" or "Through the Garden" is required.

November 24th 7:00 pm¬†CLIMATE CRISIS SERIES.¬†David Miller, author of¬†‚ÄúSolved: How the World's Great Cities are Fixing the Climate Crisis‚ÄĚ discusses¬†city-led initiatives that can make a real difference on climate change. Virtual presentation with live and virtual audiences.¬†Purchase of ‚ÄúSolved‚ÄĚ is required.

November 25th 7:00 pm¬†SPORTS SERIES.¬†Brian Burke¬†author of¬†Burke‚Äôs Law¬†in discussion with Richard Peddie. Burkie, the gruffest man in hockey opens up about the challenges, feuds, & tragedies he's fought. Virtual presentation with live and virtual audiences.¬†Purchase of ‚ÄúBurke‚Äôs Law‚ÄĚ is required.

November 26th 7:00 pm SPORTS SERIES. Rick Vaive, author of Catch 22, in discussion with co-author Scott Morrison. An unheralded Toronto Maple Leaf captain, Rick Vaive sets the record straight about the turmoil of the Ballard years and his own troubled life. Virtual presentation with live and virtual audience. Purchase of "Catch 22" is required.

November 30th 7:00 pm¬†RACIAL JUSTICE SERIES. Indigenous legal expert and Associate Dean of Law at University of Windsor,¬†Dr.Beverly Jacobs¬†will discuss current Indigenous issues across Canada. Her speech title is ‚ÄúReconciling with Mother Earth‚ÄĚ. Live presentation with live and virtual audiences.¬†Free of charge.

December 2nd 7:00pm¬†HISTORY SERIES.¬†Meg Reiner¬†of the Marsh Collection will present ‚ÄúA Century Ago: Amherstburg in the 20‚Äôs‚ÄĚ ¬†A fascinating look at what was happening with industries, entertainment, prohibition and life in Amherstburg in the 1920s. Live presentation with live and virtual audiences.¬†Free of charge.

Email to reserve your spot.

See you soon!

Richard, Colleen, Lori and River Bookshop team.