Brewed In Windsor - Chris Edwards and Elaine Weeks

Brewed In Windsor - Chris Edwards and Elaine Weeks

June 06, 2022


At the River Bookshop we have learned that there is a real “thirst” for talks on a wide range of topics that educate, inspire, engage and entertain. With the easing down of Covid 🤞 and White Woods Home moving into its new (quite beautiful) shop next door we are finally scheduling a range of really interesting talks. 

What could be a more interesting and appetizing way to kick off our speaker series than talking about beer?

Authors Chris Edwards & Elaine Weeks from Walkerville Publishing will be back on June 16 at  6:30 pm to talk about their best selling title “Brewed in Windsor -  A Tasty History”. The book includes a wealth of information we bet you didn’t  know...

   🍺 The Upper Canada census in 1851 listed 1,999 taverns - one for every 476 residents 

   🍺 Before WW1 there were 300 breweries in Ontario 

   🍺 The first Windsor Brewery didn’t come until 1885 - The British- American Brewing Company 

   🍺 Hiram Walker got into beer in 1889 

   🍺 By the 1970’s Windsor’s original six breweries had all disappeared. 

   🍺 The late Gilda Radner’s dad was a Windsor bootlegger. 

        … and that's just the tip of iced glass (see what we did there?)

And to help our authors out we are having our good neighbour Brian Fowkes, from Lot 10 Brewing Company, coming in to provide some of his excellent craft beers for you to sample.  All great towns today have a successful craft brewery or two, so the River Bookshop is happy to shine a light on Lot 10 at 263 Dalhousie. The selection that Brian will have for you to try include Rivertown Blonde Ale, Crystal Bay IPA and Thirsty Soldier British Ale.

“Brewed in Windsor” does an excellent job telling stories about the breweries  that have come and gone in the County. However, the book also gives a shout out to eleven local breweries that have sprung up over the last couple of years. It contains a map that shows their locations in case you ever wish to try them out. One of the eleven is Amherstburg’s own Lot 10 Brewing Company.

We will also have some Riedel Beer Glasses from our White Woods Home (shameless plug!) on display. These beautiful glasses would definitely elevate your home beer experience and pair nicely with your favourite Lot 10 selection.

At the River Bookshop we want to work closely with local retailers.  We recognize that by working together we will all make Amherstburg an even better place to live and visit. 

CHEERS from the River Bookshop team 🍺 


The date for the Belle Vue speaking event is Thursday June 23. We apologize for any inconvenience.