Christmas Marketplace

Christmas Marketplace

December 01, 2020

Whew! - it’s been a whirlwind 15 weeks since we opened that Friday night in mid August.  A team of rookie book sellers have successfully filled the shop with a wide range of titles and a few soft goods like puzzles and greeting cards. Book readers from all over the county have made the trip to Amherstburg to check us out and purchase books. Thank you so much for supporting a new independent bookshop. Positive media  exposure has been through the roof - finished off by the recent Biz X award for Outstanding New Business of 2020.  Thanks again to those who nominated and voted for us. 

On top of all that we have worked hard to become the “Third Place” that we very much aspire to be.  Since we opened we have hosted 12 speakers that have reinforced our values of educate, inspire, engage and entertain. We are pleased that we have already kicked off speaker series’ on Racial Justice, Climate Change, History, Nature and Sports with our first Health & Wellness talk coming January 26. 

Our local presentations have been especially popular and now with our new enhanced camera system we can Zoom them out for everyone to enjoy.  

Now, don’t think for a moment we are going to take the next six weeks off - far from it.  We have loaded up the bookshop with many many new titles, while not forgetting that those favourite classics  are still very much in demand. We often say books are magic and therefore the stories they tell make magical gifts. 

No doubt you have all heard about our second floor - home of our mysterious Hole in the Wall. Normally one has to attend one of our events to see this space.  Well that is changing come Saturday December 5 when we launch, what we hope is, our first Christmas Market. From our Nutcracker soldier at our front door ... to a roaring fire in our fireplace ... to chasing December chills with a free hot chocolate ... to numerous displays of curated goods and titles that make ideal gifts - we want it to be a must visit for those searching for that perfect gift. 

Our Christmas Market has another dimension that we are very proud of - we have teamed up with some of our neighbours to make it far bigger than just the River Bookshop.  When we opened we said that we believed our bookshop would make a real economic, cultural and social contribution to Amherstburg. We know we are already doing that, but with the pandemic in full flight business is tough in town for many of our neighbours  So we are teaming up with three of them to make the Christmas Market bigger and more attractive to visitors. Please visit them when you come to visit us.  

We will all be dressing up our stores to make gift selection easier and more fun. Of course everything we are planning is mindful of Covid so social distancing and the wearing of masks is mandatory 

This will give you a sense of the perfect gifts you will see in the River Bookshop Christmas Market ….

So many books on so many subjects to suit so many tastes, this is but a snippet of the great titles and subjects we have available.

And in addition to all our great reading material we offer a selection of curated soft goods - puzzles, journals, candles, matches and greeting cards.

See for yourself ....


This holiday season downtown Amherstburg is truly your one stop shopping destination - visit us, visit our neighbouring shops and soak in the holiday cheer on the weekends of Dec 5-6, 12-13, 19-20.

We hope to see you there!

Richard, Colleen, Lori and the River Bookshop team.