Covid 19 Policy (as of August 12, 2020 - Stage 3)

Covid 19 Policy (as of August 12, 2020 - Stage 3)

Aug 11, 2020





Covid is definitely not the flu !

It’s a new pandemic that is highly contagious and too often fatal.

Because it’s new scientists are still trying to figure things out about it and sometimes drawing conclusions that prove to be not accurate over time. The key to understanding this disease is relying on science.  Using empirical data that is challenged by other scientists and ultimately peer reviewed and accepted. River Bookshop will take its direction from the scientists and the medical community.

As of the above date this is the approach that we will take - as science learns more and the government makes modifications to the rules we will change our approach accordingly:

   1) The center of our plan is WEARING MASKS.  All our staff will wear masks and any customer not wearing a mask WILL NOT  be allowed into our bookshop. Wearing masks is not a political statement. Actually it’s a sign of respect for others. Right now, without a vaccine, masks are the best way to control the virus  - that is if they are adopted widely. We will have extra masks if someone doesn’t have one. If one chooses not to mask we can take one’s order and bring it to the individual outside the shop or they can view books on and we will deliver them to you curbside. 

   2) Social distancing is also key. Based on the current Stage 3 guidelines we will be limiting the number of readers & staff in the bookshop. In the shop we ask all readers to practice social distancing of six feet. 

   3) Even though it doesn’t look like virus transfer from hard surfaces is a major issue we will do frequent cleaning. 

   4) Staff will wash their hands frequently - every 30 minutes. 

   5) Hand cleaner will be available at the door before readers enter and again at the check out desk. 

   6) The check out desk has a plastic safety shield. 

   7) We will have a greeter at the front door who will control occupancy, check for masks and answer any questions.  The sidewalk outside the shop will be marked at six feet intervals. 

Importantly our Covid response will be modified as we learn more about this awful virus and respond to government regulations. 

Again to be clear all customers will be required to wear a mask to enter the River Bookshop. There will be no exceptions 


Lori Wightman Lead Bookseller

Richard Peddie. Bookseller & Owner