August 29, 2022

Over the course of September we will be hosting events on history, a heritage river, martial music, a festival, something uncommon, a book club, and of course Sunday Story Times with more “celebrity” readers. 

Here are the details for only the first half of the month. Just a reminder … they are all FREE!!

Sept 1 at 6:30 pm. The History of Fort Malden. The Fort is one of only three nationally recognized heritage properties in Amherstburg. Alex Dale, the Fort’s Interpretation Manager, will talk about its role in the War of 1812, the battle of Lake Erie and the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837. Amherstburg has a strong heritage reputation and one could argue that it’s anchored by Fort Malden. In our busy lives we tend to forget what interesting stories we have right in our own backyard. Fort Malden is definitely one of them. 

Sept 7 at 5:30 pm. Detroit River - a Canadian Heritage River. The event kicks off in the Navy Yard Park where Mayor Aldo DiCarlo will unveil a plaque of a mural that commemorates the River.  

Then right after at 6:30 pm, at the bookshop, Danielle Stuebing will talk about the river’s heritage designation. You see, the Detroit River is unique in Canada, the United States and indeed the World. In 2001 it became the first and only river to receive both Canadian and American heritage designations. Through time “our” river has been more of an historic road than a river. From Indigenous peoples to early missionaries to a war and rebellion, rum running, and today a passageway for modern freighters, it definitely has strong heritage credentials. And today research tells us that the river and our Navy Yard Park is what residents say is the thing they like best about living in Amherstburg. 

Sept 14 at 6:30 pm. The Martial Music of Fort Malden. We really like shining a light on the Fort. When we originally approached Alex Dale about presenting at our bookshop he suggested four topics. We immediately agreed to host two this year and two more in 2023. Alex and staff will present music that would have been heard on the parade grounds over 200 years ago. Dressed in the historic uniforms of the 34th Regiment of Foot, which was stationed in the Fort from 1938 and 1840, they will perform the sounds of fifes, drums and bugles. Plus they’ll explain the important role of music during those turbulent times. This event will take place outside in Amherstburg’s Art Alley: the town’s smallest (but most beautiful) alley, between the bookshop and The Panetteria. Weather permitting, of course.   

Sept 15 at 6:30 pm. Festival of Hawks. The annual Holiday Beach festival takes place on Sept 17th, but you will get to hear about it 2 days earlier. The festival celebrates the bird migration season that takes place every fall. Holiday Beach is the top ranked hawk watching site in Canada and third best in North America. Every September through November it becomes the migration hotspot as fall winds carry migration hawks, song birds, hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies across the skies and over the hawk tower. It’s an amazing story. 

And of course our Story Time continues every Sunday at 1 pm. 

For Story Time on Sept 4 we’ll hear from Anna from The Panetteria. Since it opened one year ago it has been hugely successful. Anna and her husband Simon are the very talented bakers who daily prepare delicious fresh breads and pastries. Anna may even bring some treats on Sunday. 

On Sept 11, Beth England, Evelyn’s Candy House curator of all things candy, will talk about dealing with disabilities. And of course she will definitely bring candy. 

So that’s just the first half of the month. We still need to tell you about the Uncommon Festival and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation weekends later in September, and how the River Bookshop is playing a major role in both these events. So stay tuned. 

Definitely more than a bookshop.

The River Bookshop Team