We've Got Good News!

We've Got Good News!

May 19, 2020

We've got good news!


Restoration of 67 Richmond starts up again. Today the Fortis crew is back on the job after two long months - back at it while following all the proper Covid protocols, including limiting the trades working in the building at the same time.

It has been very difficult time waiting to resume building the River Bookshop. But we have fully supported the decision because it was a way for all of us to get our arms around controlling a dangerous pandemic. We just hope now that everyone is mindful of observing safe practices so that we do not get stopped again.

However, we did put the time off to good use. Our large front windows are ordered. As are our bookshelves, display tables, signage, flooring etc. And things like installing electrical, painting the exterior and interior, new furnace, new fireplace are all scheduled. Hopefully orders come in on time, labor is ready to work; and we have no Covid flare ups that delays us further. Awhile back we predicted a June opening - today we will just say we will open when it is safe to open.

We are really looking forward to you visiting and shopping in our new River Bookshop. We believe it will be a new Amherstburg destination that educates, inspires, entertains and engages residents across Essex County.

Richard Peddie, Bookseller & Lori Wightman, Lead Bookseller