January 23, 2023

We sell a lot of puzzles! And we love that for a couple of reasons. 

First off, Colleen is a puzzle junkie!! She loves “puzzling” and she loves curating all the puzzles for the River Bookshop. She does that so successfully that we believe we have the best puzzle selection in all of Essex County. 

Some of Colleen’s favourites are:

🧩 Eurographics 

🧩 New York Puzzle Company


🧩 One for the littles: Crocodile Creek 

Second, we love puzzles because of their benefits for mind and body. Here are 10 potential benefits of puzzling—think about how many of these apply to your job and daily life.

   🧩 great mental exercise 

   🧩 better visual-spatial reasoning

   🧩 greater attention to detail 

   🧩 improved memory 

   🧩 increased IQ

   🧩 improved problem-solving ability

   🧩 increased productivity 

   🧩 better collaboration and teamwork, when you share with someone

   🧩 better mood

   🧩 decreased stress level (who doesn’t need that today?)  

Another thing we love is a good puzzle sale. Sales help an independent bookshop thrive! So to thank all you puzzlers out there, we are celebrating “National Puzzle Day” (January 29) with a week-long sale starting tomorrow (January 24-29) where all in-store puzzles are 15% off. 

So please keep on puzzling 🧩

The River Bookshop Team