September 17, 2021

After nine months it’s nice to be hosting live events again - even with lots of necessary Covid precautions to keep all our readers safe. 

Meg Reiner’s “A Century Ago …Amherstburg in the 20’s” was a huge hit -  proving that our community has a real appetite for all things local. You will see that we are very mindful of that as reflected in our newest event announcements. We will also be encouraging Meg to visit us again soon. Please give a shout out to Meg (and our community treasure, the Marsh Historical Collection) to motivate her to tell us more about Amherstburg’s history in the new year. 

Next up is Kory Renaud on October 2nd at 1:30. Kory is a big-time local naturalist, Vice President of the Essex County Field Naturalists Club; and a good friend of our bookshop. He will speak on the “Wonders of the Fall Bird Migration in Essex County”. Our county is in an enviable position to see the wonders of the fall bird migration. Point Pelee sees thousands of song birds roll through while Holiday Beach is on one of Canada’s best flyways for Raptors (to be clear I am not talking the Toronto Raptors).  We also have all kinds of birds books if you would like to get involved in one of Canada’s fastest growing hobbies.


Children's selection: Hawks by Melissa Gish, Owls by Gail Gibbons

Adult selection: Hummingbirds: A Life Size Guide to Every Species by Michael Fogden, Best Places to Bird in Ontario by Kenneth Burrell, Feed the Birds by Chris Earley, Waterfowl of Eastern North America by Chris Earley and Hawks of North America by William S. Clark

Next up is Marty Gervais - Windsor Poet Laureate, University of Windsor professor, publisher Black Moss Press and author of The Rum Runners: “A Prohibition Scrapbook”. Marty’s book is  an appropriate book for our Hole in the Wall which is styled after the “Roaring Twenties” and has numerous rumrunners’ photos decorating our walls. Pick up an autographed book as a holiday gift for a good friend or family member who loves local history.


Pictured: Rumrunners on the ice in Amherstburg circa 1920's

The rest of 2021 calendar has four more great events: 

Lisa Bowes, Author of the “Lucy Tries Sports” kids’ series joins us virtually at 1 pm on October 17. 

Young 10 year old artist, Max and his mom, Lisa, talk about art for littles at 1:30 pm on  October 23.

Stephanie Pouget-Papak, Curator / CAO Park House Museum will speak on “How Buildings Shape Us: 250 Years of the Park House and its Cultural-Ecomomic Impact” at 6:30 pm on November 10

Windsor Before and After” with authors Chris Edward and Elaine Weeks  on November 23 at 6:30 pm.

So many other future events to talk about: Amherstburg's a Little Uncommon Festival, Cars Gone Crazy, Halloween, and our second Christmas Market, where we decorate and stock Hole in the Wall with all things Christmas.   

Stay tuned as we are a very busy, fun and safe 'Third Place'.


**Talking about safety for a moment**  

Unfortunately Covid is not going away until everyone is vaccinated and therefore it looks like it will continue to be the new normal for a while.  

The River Bookshop will continue to follow all recommended Covid protocols and government mandates and so starting September 22nd, the River Bookshop will be, in an effort to keep staff, presenters and our guests safe and well, following government guidelines and will be requiring attendees to our events to show a paper or digital receipt of vaccination along with a form of government-issued identification, such as a driver’s licence, birth certificate or health card 

We will be starting this with Kory Renaud’s event on October 2nd.  If you do not have a passport you are welcome to watch us on zoom. 


River Bookshop Team