Shhh....It's a Surprise!

Shhh....It's a Surprise!

August 17, 2021

PLACE: Richmond Street, Amherstburg
DATE : August 22

As you know the River Bookshop really believes in Open Air streets. We actively support it because it aligns with our objectives to increase the economic, social and cultural health of Amherstburg.

We also support Open Air because streets should not be just about cars today. Progressive communities across the world are now realizing this and taking action. Think about all the healthy, fun and interesting things that one can do on our streets: walking, cycling, engaging friends, having a bite. … or enjoying a fun event.

River Bookshop plans to be out having fun with our readers every Open Air day, but on August 22 we have a special surprise for you.

What is it? Well, we can't tell you - it's a surprise. But you might want to be out and about around 3pm on August 22.

Hope to see you there … be a shame if you missed it.

The River Bookshop Team