Shop Local

Shop Local

January 25, 2021

During this pandemic there is a lot of talk (dare we say encouragement) to shop local.

From our very beginning the River Bookshop has focused on being ‘local”. Our shop mission is to enhance the economic, cultural and social health of our community. We did that originally by restoring a 135 year old historic building using trades and suppliers from around the community. Then, by hiring an all local team of five booksellers. And now by carrying and supporting local authors (50 titles in stock).

Consumers have a choice to support local or the big chains that have historically hollowed out small towns with their big box stores and huge parking lots. On face value it is easy to say that some of their prices are better, but what are the benefits that shopping local brings to small communities?

Research says there are many:

✔️when you purchase locally more money stays in the community. Studies have shown that of every $100 spent in a local business far more money remains (>60%) in the community than shipping it off to, usually, a U.S. based chain retailer.

✔️unique businesses, instead of cookie cutter chains, create character and give the community its flavour. They give visitors a special reason to visit the town.

✔️the environment impact is reduced. Shopping in the downtown core is much healthier than malls that contributes to sprawl, habitat loss and pollution.

✔️customer service is better..Eg our book sellers know books far better than a clerk in a chain store. At the River Bookshop there is person that knows the reading habits of the community and you can connect with her in store, by phone and on line. Her name is Lori and she has worked with books for over 15 years. Ultimately local readers curate our titles with their requests to our book sellers and Lori.

✔️local business owners invest in the community. We have skin in the game.

Admittedly Covid is hurting our sales but the River Bookshop clearly supports wearing masks, social distancing and closing our bookshop to in store sales until we get this pandemic under control.

In the mean time please go on to order your next read(s). After all books are magic and right now we all need a little magic!



River Bookshop goes All IN on Shopping Local

In our effort to be a community gathering place and a good community neighbour the River Bookshop team is buying into all aspects of the Shop Local trend - from our local authors to local publishing houses to our local business neighbours. Of course, our first hope is that your shop local plans involve visiting us - curbside or when we can safely reopen. But there are other ways to double up on your support of your neighbours.

Our local author section includes a wide array of writers from Amherstburg, Windsor, Tecumseh, Kingsville and all over the county. They include works of non-fiction on spirituality, hockey, feminism, travel and self-help. 

Fiction offerings include historical, contemporary and supernatural/sci-fi stories sure to catch your attention….

We wouldn’t ever forget our Mystery/suspense fans. We have private eye series from two separate authors that are sure to keep you guessing who-did-it to the very last page and if poetry is your thing we’ve got you covered there as well.

And we haven’t forgotten the young ones - picture books & chapter books, from littles to teens.

And there is of course authors with local roots whose books have been carried by national publishing houses. In addition, we are lucky enough to have two wonderful publishers right here in Windsor - Walkerville Publishing and Biblioasis who supply us with some interesting and amazing titles.

And last but not least we wouldn't be champions of the Shop Local movement if we didn't include our Amherstburg small business neighbours - so when you are in search of something, whether a good meal & refreshing drink or a perfect gift, a bit of entertainment or some new duds, be sure to think local, support local and shop local at any of the following places and more throughout our beautiful town:

Rosa's, Towne Shoppe, Precision Jewellers, A la Mode Fashions, Riccardo's Italian Restaurant, Beacon Ale House, Salty Dog, Waterfront Ice Cream, Chicano's, Caffeine & Co, Downtown Espresso Cafe, Lot 10 Brewery, Royal Sushi House, Artisan Grill, Lord Amherst Pub, Happier Camper, Burger 67, Nucelli's.

And just a reminder - We are open and ready to take care of all your reading needs. Curbside pickup 12-5, 7 days a week!