Amazing Dinosaurs

Amazing Dinosaurs

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Play and learn with mirror magic—and amazing dinosaurs!

My long neck helps me reach leaves high in the trees.


I'm smaller than most dinosaurs, but I'm fierce.


With a shiny mirror on each page, Amazing Dinosaurs lets children see their own smiling faces as their favorite prehistoric creatures. Giggle, play, and learn about Stegosaurs, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurs, Brachiosaurs, and Velociraptors—all at the same time! Which does your little one want to be?

Make story time DINO-mite! Perfect for young dino fans and aspiring paleontologists, this interactive board book fosters imaginative play with a magical reading experience that will entertain everyone in your family. Vibrant and playful art by illustrator Junissa Bianda adds to an exciting experience that little ones will want to come back to again and again.

Enjoy instant make-believe fun with the Look, Baby! series, including Exciting Jobs and Magical Creatures. Collect them all!


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