The Groom Wore Red


Two former rival families – the Smiths and Browns – gather for the wedding of Nick Smith and a very pregnant Emily Brown. However, when the groom-to-be doesn’t show for the ceremony it reignites a decades-old bitter feud.

As accusations and fists begin to fly, the Chief of Police arrives to inform everyone Nick was found dead in his pickup truck and a murder investigation has commenced.

Invited guests Private Investigator Steve Cassidy and girlfriend, Dawn, are shocked by this small town crime. They are reluctant to get involved, until the bride-to-be asks for them to help find the killer.

Not all villagers welcome this investigation, especially a few local officers who don’t appreciate big city folk telling them how to do their job. Also, members of both wedding parties seem hesitant to provide details of a note luring Nick first to the beach, and then to his death.

With the clock ticking down on their romantic getaway, Steve and Dawn join forces again to uncover a murderer in a historic town that is very good at keeping deadly secrets.