Insanely Good Ramen Meals

Insanely Good Ramen Meals

By: Ivan McCombs

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Learn from the one and only Ivan McCombs, aka Ramen King Ivan, one of the most beloved food creators on Earth, what the quickest, easiest, and most delectable path is from here to a truly spectacular dinner!

You want to eat fresh food, not canned or frozen food. You want to cook it fast—as in five to ten minutes fast. You want ingredient lists that are short and inexpensive. You want what you make to zing with bold, adventuresome flavors from all over the planet. That’s a tall order! But there’s more: You want to have crazy good fun while you cook!

To get all that, there’s only one kitchen companion you want by your side, and that person is the big-spirited, funny-to-the-bones star of TikTok and YouTube known to his millions of fans as Ramen King Ivan. Ivan does not reveal his recipes online. But now at last he has done so, in the pages of this fun, funny, and eminently useful book. The recipes include:
  • Chicken Honey Ramen
  • Fried Chicken and Waffles the Ivan Way
  • Wagyu Beef Ramen
  • Shrimp and Rice Cake Ramen
  • Ramen Deviled Eggs
  • Ramen Breakfast Burrito
  • Thai Chile Rice Cakes
  • Boba Ramen

Sure, Ivan has fun while he cooks, but he takes the quality and flavor of what he cooks one-hundred-percent seriously. You’ll know it when you cook and enjoy any of the recipes in this, his first book, dishes that will keep you well-fed and delighted, 24/7, for years to come.

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Harvard Common Press

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Hachette Book Group USA

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