Kitchen Sanctuary Quick & Easy

Kitchen Sanctuary Quick & Easy

By: Nicky Corbishley

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100 quick and easy, home-cooked family recipes, ready in 30 minutes or less, from the hugely popular blog and YouTube channel Kitchen Sanctuary.

Making dinner from scratch can feel like a chore - often half the battle is trying to find something that's, quick, healthy and, most importantly, delicious. But delicious doesn't have to mean demanding. After their debut book, Sunday Times bestseller It's All About Dinner, Kitchen Sanctuary is back - this time focusing on quick and easy meals that are also budget friendly.

Chapters include:
· CHAMPION CHICKEN - chicken is so versatile and so quick to cook, it merits a chapter of its own
· MOREISH MEAT - covering pork, lamb and beef
· FANTASTIC FISH - a quick and often healthy option, good for pescatarians
· VITALLY VEGGIE - dedicated to veggie dinners, both for ease of use and to appeal to broad family tastes
· PERFECT PASTA - super quick and easy
· RICE, NOODLES, GRAINS AND BREAD - just what it says!
· SNACK SUPPERS - for those occasions when you want something good to eat but not a full dinner - eg Chicken Quesadillas, Crispy Lamb Salad, Spicy Turkey Rice Wraps
· SUPER SAUCES - game-changers that can be made ahead and frozen, and can be turned into a meal with the addition of some meat/pasta/veg
· SMART SHORTCUTS - hints and tips for speeding up dinner, covering both ingredients and practical advice

Around 80% of the recipes are new and haven't previously appeared on the brand's website or YouTube channel and as well as offering quick and easy dinner solutions, the book is budget-friendly, with most recipes low or medium cost, and around a quarter being fully vegetarian. The book includes QR codes linked to video content.

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