Great Small Towns of Ontario
Great Small Towns of Ontario

Great Small Towns of Ontario

By: Richard Peddie

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In Great Small Towns of Ontario, author Richard Peddie embarks on a journey to visit ten beautiful small towns spread across Ontario. Each rich in history. Still standing despite serious historical challenges, including fires, flooding, tornadoes and the exodus of key employers. Each in their own way incorporating best practices that other towns can adapt and modify to become better.

Great Small Towns of Ontario weighs in on many issues facing small towns in an ever-changing world, and offers common-sense solutions to numerous pressing issues. The need to face climate change as world temperatures continue to get hotter. Inexpensive ways to reduce dependency on cars by replacing them with more active modes of travel, such as cycling and walking. Strategies to make towns more playful and fun. Important reasons why heritage buildings should be preserved. And the important role the Arts and Third Places can play in creating more vibrant, healthy, sustainable communities.

Peddie also introduces the reader to eminent urban influencers while highlighting books that provide notable community-building ideas from all over the world.

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Black Dog Entertainment

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