Little Women (HarperCollins Children’s Classics)

Little Women (HarperCollins Children’s Classics)

By: Louisa May Alcott

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This beautiful HarperCollins Children’s Classics edition of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women is the perfect addition to any bookshelf.

During the hardships of the American Civil War, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March are facing Christmas without their father. Little Women is their story – a tale of four very different sisters, their adventures and ambitions, their relationship with their neighbour Laurie and ultimately their moving journey from girls to women.

This charming and timeless story inspired by Louisa May Alcott’s own life is not only one of the best-loved children’s books of all time, but also one of the most widely read and bestselling novels in American literature.

Complete your library with HarperCollins Children’s Classics.

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Paperback / softback | B-format paperback

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