Batman Classic: 5-Minute Batman Stories


Batman Classic: 5-Minute Batman Stories The item is on order and may take two weeks to arrive in our shop.

With a sturdy padded cover and over 190 pages of fun, this storybook collection makes anytime the perfect time to serve up some justice! This collection includes lightly adapted versions of 12 favorite Batman stories, with full-color art throughout.

Each of these 12 thrilling Batman adventures is timed to be an action-packed 5-minute read-aloud.

Batman battles the dark forces of Gotham City night after night. With Commissioner Gordon and Robin by his side, Batman stops the slickest of tricksters and the grimiest of evildoers...

This collection includes:

  • The World’s Greatest Heroes Unite          
  • Dawn of the Dynamic Duo           
  • Professor Pyg’s Circus Crime       
  • Harley Quinn’s Perfect Prank      
  • The Tomb of Eternal Life               
  • The Penguin’s Birds of Prey         
  • The Joker’s Night of Fright           
  • Reptile Revenge
  • The Joke’s on Who?        
  • Batman and the Toxic Terror      
  • The Prince of Puzzles      
  • Battle in the Batcave