Lighthouse and the Little Boat

Lighthouse and the Little Boat

By: Katie Frawley

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A sweet, tender, and touching tale about a wise lighthouse guiding a young boat through the turbulent waters of life. This is a beautiful take on parenting and growing up, and a perfect pick for sharing and gifting.

Once, there was a lighthouse.

She stood proud and steady, strong and bright. In fair weather and in foul, she towered over the waters and guided ships to safe harbor.

A lighthouse stands by the sea and keeps everything in her sight safe and sound. When a little boat named Brightness appears in her harbor, Lighthouse offers to watch out for her. But, as Brightness becomes more confident, she goes out farther than Lighthouse can see. When a big storm hits, will Lighthouse be able to protect Brightness?

Perfect for both young readers and adults, this gorgeous picture book by Katie Frawley and Ben Mantle shows that, even when there are storms, love will always guide children home.

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