Tiny Tales: Firefly Night

Tiny Tales: Firefly Night

By: Steph Waldo

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Spinning off HarperCollins’s beloved I Can Read series, I Can Read Comics is an early reader line that familiarizes children with the world of graphic novel storytelling and encourages visual literacy in emerging readers.

It’s hard to see in the dark…unless you’re Firefly! Will Firefly be able to show their friends the beautiful moonflower, or will sleep win the night?

Firefly Night also has a "Cartooning Basics" page at the front of the book and a "Nature Guide" page at the back, making it the whole package for emerging readers—and a great example of what I Can Read Comics is all about!

Tiny Tales: Firefly Night is a Level Three I Can Read Comic, meaning it’s a more complex story for independent readers.

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Paperback / softback

HarperCollins Publishers

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