I Spy 123

I Spy 123

By: Ulrike Sauerhofer

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"A striking seek-and-find book... Ancutici's intricately assembled images captivate." --Publishers Weekly

"Beautifully illustrated and entertaining for kids (and adults). The short rhyming verses are delightful... Not only does it promote learning numbers but colors, concentration, vocabulary, counting skills, and attention to detail as well." --Stylish Modern Motherhood

Like its companion I Spy ABC, this colorful 1-2-3 book is hiding a delightful clutter of toys, candies, foods, dolls, natural items and much more. On each page are short rhyming verses setting the reader's task to find specific items. The hints reveal where they are, like next to the sailboat. Searching promotes number and reading skills, as well as learning colors, vocabulary, building memory, concentration and attention -- is a rewarding pastime of surprise and achievement.

The answers to the rhymes -- where is that pink polka dot ball? -- are at the back of the book. This is a great book for sharing, quiet time and bedtime, and for early childhood learning, discovery, and development.

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Firefly Books

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)


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