Big Cats, Little Cats

Big Cats, Little Cats

By: Jim Medway

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"Is the little cat-lover in your life ready to become a cat expert? Aimed at children ages three to seven, the lovely Big Cats, Little Cats is the perfect visual introduction to every cat species in the world. Little ones will love the illustrations of all types of cats, from house cat breeds to rare and large wild cats from around the globe. Paired with a kitten and cub identifier and an extensive index full of interesting facts about every breed and species, this is a super fun and educational read for the whole family!" --Modern Cat Magazine

Here are pages and pages of cats. Every cat breed, large and small, wild and pet, in one big, beautiful book. Big cats, little cats, bob-tailed cats, long-tailed cats, smooth cats, skinny cats, funny cats, scary cats, wild cats... here they all are in their furry, fanged and clawed glory.

New in paperback, this children's picture book brings together in one volume every domestic feline breed in the world alongside colored drawings of rare wild cats and the well-known big cats.

Cats are a favorite topic for children and so are books about cats. This one is aimed at children three to seven (and their parents). The first part features cat breeds from North America, Europe, Asia and the Rest of the World; and the second half is devoted to the wild cats of the world, both the rarer small species and the large cats of Africa, North and South America and Asia -- the Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and Jaguar.

Big Cats, Little Cats also features a charming kitten identifier for pet cats and a cub identifier for wild cats, plus an extensive cat index that gives the reader fun facts about every breed and species featured.

A great new reference guide for all the family that will make your children cat experts!

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Firefly Books

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)


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