Big Dogs, Little Dogs

Big Dogs, Little Dogs

By: Jim Medway

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"The sections display stylishly formatted and labeled depictions of well-known breeds as well as a slew of lesser-known pups... (and) a full double page dedicated to puppies, with dotted trails connecting the pups to their adult versions... Will delight any dog-lover." --Booklist

"Breeds both familiar and unfamiliar are positively bursting out of this oversize volume... Dog lovers will spend hours poring over these winsome illustrations." --School Library Journal

New in paperback, this wonderfully illustrated book features 300 dog breeds, including every breed recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The book's double-page spreads show dogs in the seven official groupings: Working, Toy, Hound, Terrier, Herding, Sporting, Non-Sporting, as well as "designer" dogs like the Labradoodle and Chiweenie. Included here are also some obscure breeds recognized by other kennel clubs in Europe, like the Canadian Eskimo Dog and Australian Silky Terrier, as well as some dogs not yet officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.

The 300 specially commissioned color drawings are accurate and most engaging. At the end of the book is an entertaining puppy identifier where children can test their ability to recognize the breed of 30 puppies. There is also a Dog Breed Fact Index with interesting trivia about all of the breeds.

More than one-third of American households has a dog. With Big Dogs, Little Dogs, children and adults alike and together will enjoy learning and identifying the dogs that they encounter. It is fun and informative, and it might instill a lifelong interest in "man's best friend."

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Firefly Books

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)


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