Scorers Versus Goalies

Scorers Versus Goalies

By: The Hockey Hall of Fame (CA)

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Hockey's greatest go head-to-head.

Scorers Versus Goalies is about the greatest goal scorers and best puck stoppers to ever lace up their skates. This book's roster includes all 35 Hockey Hall of Fame players in the NHL's 500-goal club and the 22 Hockey Hall of Fame goalies that faced a 500-goal scorer. Spanning the NHL's storied history, Scorers Versus Goalies contains everyone from early legends like Maurice Richard to recent inductees such as Martin Brodeur.

With contributions from Chris McDonell, Steve Milton, Mike Ryan and Eric Zweig, Scorers Versus Goalies profiles all 57 players, highlighting the achievements of their illustrious careers. Accompanying these profiles are pieces paying tribute to the prolific scorers and elite stoppers from the league's earliest years.

The book's versus section showcases head-to-head stats of how these scorers and goalies fared against one another. Accompanying these stats are stories mined from the data that answer burning hockey nerd questions.

  • Which scorer struggled most against Hockey Hall of Fame goalies?
  • Which goalie has the best save percentage against 500 scorers?
  • Which 50 goals in 50 games was the greatest?
  • Which Hull (father or son) scored more efficiently against Hockey Hall of Fame goalies?
  • Which goal-scoring leader bested the most Hockey Hall of Fame goalies?
  • This is the book for fans that want to win that next bar argument or shut down that Twitter troll. Scorers Versus Goalies helps readers answer the ultimate sports question: Who was REALLY better?

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