The Trial

The Trial

By: Franz Kafka

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A brilliant translation of one of the greatest works of Franz Kafka, author of Metamorphosis, telling the haunting story of a man's desperate search for answers amid his prosecution for an unknown crime

A Penguin Classic

A terrifying psychological trip into the life of one Joseph K., an ordinary man who wakes up one day to find himself accused of a crime he did not commit, a crime whose nature is never revealed to him. Once arrested, he is released, but must report to court on a regular basis—an event that proves maddening, as nothing is ever resolved. As he grows more uncertain of his fate, his personal life—including work at a bank and his relations with his landlady and a young woman who lives next door—becomes increasingly unpredictable. As K. tries to gain control, he succeeds only in accelerating his own excruciating downward spiral.

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

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