Girl Positive

Girl Positive

By: Tatiana Fraser (CA), Caia Hagel (CA)

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Showcasing the diverse voices of girls across North America, Tatiana Fraser and Caia Hagel draw on the wisdom of young women making positive change in their own lives and communities, to offer tools for families, friends and educators to assist the empowerment of young women.

     With its engaging and cutting-edge view of the cultural, social, and political issues faced by girls, Girl Positive examines the transforming identities of girls in the world today. Examining topics from social media, sexual violence, hypersexuality and cyberspace identities to girls as world leaders of positive change, Girl Positive offers stories of struggle, victory, and inspiration.
     Travelling across Canada and the United States from Montreal to New Haven (CT), New Jersey to Toronto, Whitehorse to the Wemindji Cree Nation in northern Quebec, Fraser and Hagel spent time talking and hanging out with school-age girls, college students and young women early in their careers. Interspersed in these narratives is advice and input from adult experts in media, health, race, and gender politics, sexuality, education and leadership. Each chapter also includes a Survival Kit, which offers tips and discussion questions for girls and the adults in their lives.
     Through Fraser and Hagel's interviews readers will learn how to equip themselves to encourage girls (and boys)--as parents, friends, educators, mentors and activists. Girl Positive illuminates emerging culture and fresh politics, and shows us the future in the making.

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Random House of Canada

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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