Breathing Lessons


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Maggie and Ira Moran have been married 28 years, an average couple leading an average life. Except that Maggie Moran is a klutzy, impetuous busybody who will borrow the ear of any sympathetic listener who crosses her path, while her husband Ira is resigned to his wife's machinations, even as he himself remains steadfastly uncommunicative and judgmental. As a funeral draws the Morans out from their Baltimore home to Deer Lick, Pennsylvania, their trip is derailed by a number of unexpected and comical detours, as the incompatibility in Maggie and Ira's marriage reveals itself, alongside the joy, pain, and love that continues to hold them together. 
     With wry humour, charm, and keen observation, Breathing Lessons instructs us in times of stress: keep calm and remember to breathe.