Someone in the Attic

Someone in the Attic

By: Andrea Mara

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From an international bestselling author comes her North American debut—an atmospheric, chilling novel about a family who thinks there's someone hiding in their attic.

"Andrea Mara is a star." —Lee Child

You thought you were home alone. Think again . . .

Anya is enjoying a relaxing bath when she hears a noise in the roof. Through the open bathroom door, she sees the attic hatch swing open, and a masked figure drops to the floor. Thirty seconds later, Anya is dead.

You're not afraid of being alone in the dark. You're afraid you're not alone.

Across town, Anya's old school friend, Julia, sees an online video of a masked figure climbing out of an attic. She suddenly realizes why the footage is eerily familiar: it was filmed inside her house in a luxury gated community, designed to keep intruders out.

And now your worst fears are coming true.

Why would a stranger target Julia? Unless of course, it's not a stranger at all.

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Publisher name:
Doubleday Canada

Publication date:

Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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