The Elephant and the Sea

The Elephant and the Sea

By: Ed Vere

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An inspiring, seafaring fable about a determined and brave elephant who reaches for his dreams, from New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Ed Vere.

"There is only one thing I want to do . . . So I will do it!"

Gabriel the elephant dreams of being part of the lifeboat crew in his seaside town, but he is too young, and too little. But soon, Gabriel grows up and he is too . . . BIG! Disappointed but undaunted, Gabriel makes a plan. He hammers and chops, saws and sands, and builds his very own boat.

One night, a great storm hits, and it's Gabriel's time to shine, pulling his oars alone against the crashing waves to save a crew in peril.

Young children will love rooting for underdog Gabriel and will draw inspiration from his determination to achieve his dreams despite hurdles and setbacks.

The Elephant and the Sea is a perfect gift for anyone setting out on a new path, encouraging them to face life’s obstacles with optimism.

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Random House Children's Books

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Penguin Random House

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