Chester Le retour!

Chester Le retour!

By: Mélanie Watt (CA)

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Mélanie Watt est de retour avec un nouveau livre mettant en vedette le seul et unique Chester. Mais, comme d'habitude, le gros chat roux ne veut pas l'écouter! Armé d'un marqueur rouge, il barbouille, réécrit et bousille tout son livre! Il est assommant! « Pour qui te prends-tu? », lui lance Mélanie. « Je suis le grand Chesterdini! », répond le chat. L'auteure n'en peut plus de ce gros chat arrogant qui a réponse à tout. Il doit bien y avoir une façon de l'assagir… Chester et Mélanie continuent de se quereller ainsi jusqu'à la dernière page, mais qui aura le dernier mot?

In this uproarious sequel to Chester, the battle of the picture-book makers continues. Which author-illustrator will come out on top --- Chester or Mélanie Watt --- is anybody's guess!

This time, there's no denying (in Chester's mind) that he's the star of the show. His already outsize ego has ballooned even more due to a spate of "fan mail" on the heels of his self-titled debut. As Chester sees it, who needs Melanie Watt when they have Chester? He's got no shortage of his own storytelling ideas. With heavy paw and red marker, this control-freak cat does not hesitate to commit them to paper. When Chester starts acting far too Hollywood, Melanie calls an open audition to replace the high-maintenance feline. This isn't a move that Chester will take lying down.

Original title: Chester's Back!

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Scholastic Canada Ltd

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Scholastic Canada Limited

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