Welcome, Baby: Bedtime, Baby


Welcome, Baby: Bedtime, Baby On Order. Item will be ready for pickup within 10 to 15 days.

Baby shower gift? Solved! Bedtime book? Solved! Welcome to "Welcome, Baby", an adorable new range of novelty board books - the go-to baby gift for busy families.

Parents and loved ones looking for a baby gift will love this super-cute bedtime board book with sturdy lift-the-flaps on each scene. Babies and toddlers will enjoy flipping the flaps and seeing how each one cleverly changes the action on the page. Along the way, they'll learn how to get ready for bed: by having a bath, putting away their toys, brushing their teeth, and enjoying a big hug.

It's the perfect way to say "Welcome, Baby" and "Goodnight, Baby!" as your little one gets ready for nighttime.

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