Player vs. Player #3: The Final Boss

Player vs. Player #3: The Final Boss

By: M.K. England

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In the epic finale of this illustrated series, the best kid gamers in the world face their biggest battle yet, as they fight for their friend's freedom and all their gaming futures. Perfect for young fans of Ready Player One and Mr. Lemoncello's Library.

Welcome to Affinity, the hottest battle royale video game around! The Weird Ones—Josh, Hannah, Larkin, and Wheatley—have become four of the biggest stars in gaming. But a surprising twist to their first professional Affinity tournament leaves Wheatley in huge trouble . . . with Hurricane Games, the company that made the game they all love.

To save Wheatley, Hurricane offers them a deal: win three near-impossible challenges and Wheatley will be free. But if they lose, the kids will be banned from Affinity for life . . . and they’ll never see Wheatley again.

With their futures on the line, The Weird Ones will have to play the best they ever have. But is winning even possible when your opponent literally controls the game?

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Random House Children's Books

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Paperback / softback | Digest format paperback

Penguin Random House

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