Sage Warrior

Sage Warrior

By: Valarie Kaur

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A rallying cry filled with ancient Sikh wisdom for finding inner peace while fighting for what you believe in, with practices to implement in your own life—from the author of See No Stranger and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project, a "prophetic voice of our generation" (America Ferrera)

Drawing from Sikh and womanist traditions, Valarie Kaur’s Sage Warrior is a guide to building a new world from the inside out, by becoming what she describes as the essential archetype for our time: the sage warrior, a figure who embodies both the sage, enamored by the world as it is, and the warrior, who fights for the world as it ought to be. Kaur chronicles over 200 years of epic history from the Punjab region, with each chapter focusing on a single Sikh guru, woman ancestor, and corresponding spiritual lesson, beginning with Guru Nanak, Bibi Nanki, and waking to oneness. Subsequent chapters encourage us to nurture our spirits with lessons such as practicing pleasure, metabolizing grief, and shaping change, and exercises at the end of each section guide us on the path of finding our inner sage warrior. Where See No Stranger was an introduction to the ideas around revolutionary love, Sage Warrior is a source of spiritual nourishment for activists.

Featuring insights from Kaur's own life and brimming with shimmering wisdom, every beautifully rendered story illuminates new ways of seeing and being. This book is for anyone—Sikh and non-Sikh, religious and secular, spiritual and seeking, atheist and agnostic—who hungers for a new world and wants to be brave with their life.

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