Hot and Bothered

From the New York Times bestselling author of How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids comes a deeply researched and incredibly entertaining guide to navigating the still-taboo topic of menopause.

When Jancee Dunn hit her mid-40s, she was bombarded by seemingly random symptoms: rampant insomnia, spring-loaded nerves, weirdly dry mouth, and Rio Grande-level periods. After going to multiple doctors who ran test after fruitless test, she was surprised to finally discover the culprit—perimenopause. For more than two decades, Jancee had been reporting on mental and physical health. So if she was unprepared for this, what about all the women who don’t write about health for a living?

Hot and Bothered is the book she wishes existed as she was scrambling for information: an empowering, research-based guide on how women can tackle this new stage of life. Menopause isn’t a disease, but a natural, normal life transition. Why, then, are we still speaking in whispers about something that affects half the earth’s population? Dunn issues a call to action: Gen X, let's do midlife better.

Through in-depth interviews with renowned menopause experts and trusted authorities, Dunn peels back the layers on this still-mystifying topic with her trademark humor and unpacks the science on both hormonal and non-hormonal treatments. She’ll provide actionable ways to get better sleep, sex, moods, mental clarity, and skin; detail the latest treatments for hot flashes; and explore the best ways stop “peezing” (that would be peeing when you sneeze, thanks to your new urinary issues). Dunn’s clear, easy-to-follow advice will help you reclaim yourself—and fully embrace life’s next chapter.