Math Mind

Math Mind

By: Shalinee Sharma

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Bust the math myths that are holding you and your kids back and learn the joys of numeracy with this one-of-a-kind resource for parents, educators, and policymakers

Shalinee Sharma is one of the world’s top experts on math learning, but when she was in school, she sat in the back row, unsure if she could ever master the subject. Many of us buy into the idea that some people are innately good at math and others just won’t ever succeed at it—but it’s not true, and numeracy is as important as literacy when it comes to opening doors in life.
Sharma shows how complex problem solving and puzzle solving, abstract and logical thinking, and cultivating a growth mindset are crucial skills for success that can be taught to everyone, and how math, far from being a dry, dull exercise, shares common ground with art, creativity, and wonder. She also explodes the myths that prevent us from enjoying math, with chapters dedicated to the three roadblocks that discourage adults and kids from learning.
With instructive line drawings throughout, Sharma explains the math instinct that all humans have from birth, and better, more intuitive ways to solve math problems. For anyone who has ever thought you’re “bad at math” but wants to get good—for your children and for yourself—Math Mind contains the guidance, takeaways, and specific approaches you need to learn to love numbers.

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