Baba's Peach Tree

Baba's Peach Tree

By: Marie Tang

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In this moving picture book, a migrant worker and his daughter, find good fortune in the form of a peach tree growing behind their house in rural China. Filled with stunning illustrations, this is a unique and poignant story about love, perseverance, and family.

Behind their old stone house, Tao Hua and her father, Baba, discover good fortune: a peach tree. Baba prunes and tends to the tree. He calls it a blessing, like good shoes, hot rice, and books. And for a long time, the peach tree offers them fruit and hope for a better life. But time passes, and so do the seasons, and, one day, the tree does not blossom.

But life blossoms in a different way when Baba comes home and announces that he got a job in the Big City, where there are good schools and opportunities. And so the seasons pass, and, one day, when Baba is very old, he and his daughter return to their old home and to new peach trees--to old memories and new beginnings.

Baba’s Peach Tree is a story of the dreams we dream and the sacrifices we make as seen through the lens of a migrant family.

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Random House Children's Books

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Penguin Random House

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