Every Little Thing You Do Is Magic Tarot

Every Little Thing You Do Is Magic Tarot

By: Callie Little, Moorea Seal

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Co-created by the founder of The 52 Lists Project, Moorea Seal, and debut author and illustrator Callie Little, this expressive 78-card tarot deck pulls the centuries-old divination practice into the modern age, focusing on mental health, mindfulness, and personal growth.

Traditional tarot offers a metaphor-rich, visual exploration of the universal human experience, often called “the hero's journey.” Every Little Thing You Do Is Magic Tarot: A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook is a celebration of your hero’s journey, encouraging you to travel the path of self-inquiry in pursuit of fulfillment, joy, and healing.

Amidst the distractions and anxieties of modern life, developing a ritualized tarot practice offers necessary space for self-inquiry, creative expression, and grounding. This tarot deck, which follows the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith structure, and accompanying guidebook provide layered, mixed media illustrations and unique card interpretations that revitalize tarot’s traditional archetypes and themes. This unique deck also includes a special stand that you can use as an altar to display your cards and deepen your practice. Each card’s message is viewed through the lens of personal growth, from the importance of clear interpersonal communication to the power of music, journaling, and meditation. The guidebook goes into the numerology of each card and offers up gemstones and songs that embody the essence of each archetype.

As you get to know the challenges and possibilities hidden in your hero’s journey, you will come to better understand both the tarot and yourself. You may realize that strengthening your intuition and practicing curiosity are little acts of everyday magic.

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Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed

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Penguin Random House

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