The World of Jane Austen: A Conversation Puzzle

The World of Jane Austen: A Conversation Puzzle

By: Jacqui Oakley (CA)

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This unique puzzle combines the fun of a jigsaw with the intrigue of a county ball as you read the clues and figure out the logic to build the final image.

Featuring beloved characters from Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy to Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram, The World of Jane Austen: A Conversation Puzzle invites you to get lost in the world of Jane Austen and build a whole new story as you piece it together.

This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is a unique experience for puzzle lovers. The pieces can be arranged in any order, but you have to read the conversations between characters from Jane Austen’s beloved novels in order to understand how the puzzle goes together.

  • First, put together the vignettes. Just like with any other puzzle, you use the visual clues to build each scene.
  • Then read the conversations in each vignette to help you solve the puzzle and put it together in the correct order. Each vignette has a similar border so you can't just "see" how they fit together unless you read the clues.
  • To check your work, look at the back of the puzzle. If you’ve done it correctly you’ll reveal a quote from Jane Austen.

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Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed

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Penguin Random House

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