Good Words

Good Words

By: Tin Moon LLC

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Prove that you're the ultimate language buff in this delightful card game that will always help you have the last good word.

If you cow someone, will they cower? Do you know what a milliner sells?

If you answered “yes” and “hats” to these two questions, you may just be the next champion of Good Words, a trivia-based card game for word lovers.

Each of the 175 cards contains a single trivia question related to word spelling, origins, and meanings, as well as testing your knowledge of synonyms, homonyms, and other language minutia. Answer the question correctly and you get to keep the card—each of which has a letter on it. When one player gains enough trivia cards, it triggers the all-out spell-a-thon, where each player competes to create the best words with the cards they’ve collected—earning more points for longer words or using up all their cards. Play a game for two or invite up to six players to join in the fun.

Whether you trounce the competition by collecting the most cards or have a come-from-behind victory with your impressive spelling skills, this game is the perfect choice for word and language lovers everywhere.

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Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed

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Penguin Random House

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