Minecraft: Zombies Unleashed!

Minecraft: Zombies Unleashed!

By: Nick Eliopulos

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The Overworld is in trouble.

On the ground, a rampaging army of armor-clad zombies is roving across the biomes. In the sky, a wicked Wither is leaving a path of destruction—and Wither roses—wherever it goes.

And in Bobbie’s party, the tension is tighter than a skeleton’s bowstring . . . because, somehow, Logan just became its newest member. The same Logan who set zombies on Bobbie’s village and turned her little brother, Johnny, into one of the walking dead. Who bullied her friend Ben and wrecked his adventuring career. Who was mean to his minion, Other Ben (who prefers Benjamin, actually). But as the Wither skulls start flying, this not-so-merry band needs all the help it can get.

Bobbie hasn’t forgotten her main mission: Find the zombified villagers who were once her friends and family and feed them the enchanted golden apples that will turn them back. But as long as the Wither exists, there’s danger. And if there’s danger, it’s a hero’s job to fix it. As much as Bobbie dislikes heroes, she and her friends (and also Logan) look like the closest thing the Overworld’s got.

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Random House Worlds

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Penguin Random House

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