Yum, Yum, Mexico!

Yum, Yum, Mexico!

By: Diane de Anda

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Get ready for a tasty treat! This book features Mexican food from A to Z, including burritos, enchiladas, menudo, salsa, and much more!

Some foods are spicy, and some are sweet.
Take a bite. . . . You’re in for a treat
of many delicious things to eat!

Kids love learning about food, they need to learn their ABC's, and this mouth-watering alphabet book about Mexican food covers both in the most delicious way! You'll see so much more than tacos as you flip through food from albóndigas to zanahoria. Each dish is brought to life with playful rhyming text, side-by-side phonetic pronunciation, and bright, engaging illustrations.

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Random House Children's Books

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Board book

Penguin Random House

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