Somewhere In Between

Somewhere In Between

By: Laan Cham (CA)

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Join a little girl named Pink on a journey to two enchanting realms: the Land of Sunshine and the Land of Snow! But when the rulers of these worlds can't get along, it's up to Pink to show them the magic that's possible when they come together.

Pink has just landed in a new world. First she meets Fireball, a red creature who rules the Land of Sunshine—home to the sun (of course), beaches, and swimming. Then she meets Snowball, who rules the Land of Snow, and who enjoys building snowmen, ice skating, and sledding.

To Pink, it's all fun and games... until the two creatures start bickering, and ask her to pick a side. It's up to Pink to help Fireball and Snowball find common ground by showing them a third side—one in which magic exists, if only they can come together to make it.

This whimsical picture book about friendship, conflict resolution, and the complex emotions of being caught in between is perfect for middle children, or any child who finds themselves stuck in the middle.

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Random House Children's Books

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Penguin Random House

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