Bubble Gum Bison Needs a Bath

Bubble Gum Bison Needs a Bath

By: Scott Rothman

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Bubble Gum Bison will do just about anything to avoid taking a bath in this humorous picture book from the #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator Pete Oswald.

Bubble Gum Bison, Blue Bison’s little sister, is having too much fun with her playground associates to take time out for a bath. In fact, she escapes through the bathroom window to avoid the inevitable. But when Bubble Gum Bison slips in the mud, gets covered with bubble gum, and has bird feathers stuck all-over her, she finally decides its time for a bath. But, what’s this? There’s no water! Could Blue Bison’s ramming habit have anything to do with the hole in the water tank?

A wildly hilarious story with a subtle message that an unconventional solution can solve an unconventional problem. Bubble Gum Bison Needs a Bath is the perfect companion to Scott Rothman and Pete Oswald’s previous collaboration Blue Bison Needs a Haircut, praised by Kirkus Reviews as "This one puts the ha in 'haircut'—be prepared to snuggle up and laugh often."

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Random House Children's Books

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Penguin Random House

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