You May Now Kill the Bride

You May Now Kill the Bride

By: Kate Weston

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The bride-to-be drops dead at her bachelorette weekend, with all of her bridesmaids as suspects for her murder, in this wry thriller full of deadly twists and characters you’ll love to hate.

“I laughed, I gasped, and said ‘I do’ to this chilling romp sparkling with humor, Prosecco, and murder.”—Julia Seales, bestselling author of A Most Agreeable Murder

Who will be left standing when the bouquet is thrown?

Lauren, Saskia, Dominica, Farah, and Tansy have been best friends since grade school. They wonder if that was the last time they all actually liked each other. As adults, their lives have splintered. Tansy runs a vegan café and is preparing for a shotgun marriage to awful Ivan. Farah is engaged and is fast becoming a complete bridezilla. Dominica is a successful divorce attorney with no time for anything but work. Lauren has had a total “failure to launch” in her career and love life, consumed by a man who has spent years stringing her along. Saskia has married into wealth and a different circle of friends in a fancy part of London. Some days it seems that the only thing holding the group together is an event that happened in their youth twenty years ago—an incident they’ve all sworn to keep secret in order to protect one another.

When the group is reunited at Tansy’s bachelorette-cum-wellness-retreat weekend, it doesn’t take long for old grudges to surface. Then the bride-to-be chokes to death on a poisoned drink, and all of the bridesmaids are suspects.

Kate Weston explores the complexities of female friendship in this searingly funny, page-turning thriller. One of these bridesmaids may be a killer, and the group had better watch their sash-covered backs, because your oldest friends aren’t always your closest. . . .

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Random House Publishing Group

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Paperback / softback | Trade paperback (US)

Penguin Random House

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