A Mobs of Minecraft Treasury (Mobs of Minecraft)

A Mobs of Minecraft Treasury (Mobs of Minecraft)

By: Christy Webster

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Discover three exciting Minecraft mobs—and how to survive them—in this hardcover storybook collection featuring three action-packed stories based on Minecraft, the world’s best-selling video game!

Young Minecraft fans who are just starting to play the game can learn all about the Enderman, snow golem, and guardian in this MOBS OF MINECRAFT storybook collection. In these three different stories, new Minecraft player Sam encounters mysterious mobs for the first time. Readers will learn everything they need to know about discovering, avoiding, surviving, and sometimes even caring for these mobs in their own Minecraft adventures.
Featuring game play and crafting hints within an engaging story, this Minecraft storybook is perfect for new fans, gamers, and children ages 4 to 7.
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Publisher name:
Random House Children's Books

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Hardback | Paper over boards

Penguin Random House

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