Anne Dreams

Anne Dreams

By: Kallie George (CA)

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The sixth and final book in an early illustrated chapter book series inspired by Anne of Green Gables, starring the spirited Anne Shirley as she pursues her dream of becoming a teacher.

Anne is starting to grow up, but she's still disappointed with her red hair — it's one of her lifelong sorrows. One day, she buys a bottle of hair dye in order to have raven black hair like her best friend and kindred spirit, Diana. Unfortunately, the dye ends up turning her hair green! This upset causes Anne to start focusing on improving herself inside, rather than her looks . . . and leads to a new dream taking shape: Anne wanting to become a teacher! She joins a club for students studying to get into Queen's College. But can Anne overcome her fear of failing? And how can she study hard when pesky Gilbert is distracting her?

Lovingly adapted by Kallie George with beautiful nostalgic illustrations by Abigail Halpin, this series is perfect for fans of Anne, new and old.

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Penguin Random House

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